About our chefs

The majority of our chefs are Leiths trained. Combining classical skills and contemporary recipes, our courses reflect current food trends. Students are trained in menu planning and budgeting, kitchen organisation, buying produce, healthy eating, matching food with wine and food safety and have gained a food hygiene certificate.

Use our sliding scale for an approximate indication of chefs’ experience and fees. Freelance chefs will have their own schedule of fees which they will discuss directly with you.

Experience Scale

Introductory Certificate

£40 - 50 per day
Introductory Certificate of Food & Wine with Leith Academy Schools is a 5 term course run alongside A levels which involves continual assessment, practical and theory exams as well as a hygiene certificate. Graduates will be suitable for family/chalet cooking with guidance and shared responsibility with their client/employer.


£50 - £80 per day
Essential Course Students complete a four week course undergoing continual assessment, practical exams and a final cooking test. As graduates they will be suitable for roles cooking for a family, chalet work as an assistant cook for larger chalets or solo cooking for 6-8 guests, preparation work in a small commercial kitchen working with guidance.


£50 - £80/100 per day
Foundation Term Students undergo a 12 week basic skills course under continual assessment with practical and theory exams. Graduates are suitable for roles such as working as a family cook, as a commis chef in a commercial kitchen, as a chalet chef or host, or as a preparation chef for event catering.


£80 - £150 per day
Diploma Students undergo 32 weeks of intensive skills training under continual assessment and with practical and theory exams. They will have gained a hygiene certificate and as graduates will be suitable to work in private client catering and as senior commis/Chef de Partie/junior Sous Chef roles in a commercial kitchen depending on the size of the brigade or the number of covers.